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We meet most Sundays at Swinton Civic Centre at 9am for rides out into the countryside, typically around Cheshire or Lancashire.   
We categorise our rides in the following ways:

A Ride: Base ride. This is a beginner’s ride with a no drop policy. The pace suits the slowest member of the group and is typically 12-14mph average. The distance is typically 30 to 40 miles and a café stop is normally included.


B Ride: Intermediate ride. This is a mid-level ride at a steady but social pace of 14-16mph average. There is a no drop policy and the overall distance is typically 40 to 60 miles, although it may occasionally exceed this. A café stop is included.


C Ride: Advanced ride. This ride is aimed at more experienced, regular cyclists and is paced at 16-18mph average. The overall distance is typically 50 to 80 miles and there is a café stop included. While the group would not actively attempt to drop or abandon any riders, it may be necessary for a rider who is struggling to make their own way home so it is parcularly important that all riders should be prepared for such an eventuality.

Early Birds Ride - Similar to C ride except this ride typically starts and finishes 2 to 3 hours earlier, suiting those who have afternoon commitments. 

The descriptions of these categories are guidelines only and may vary slightly based on the overall ability of the group on the day.   

Riders are responsible for their own safety and must be confident in both their fitness abilities and ability to ride their bike before attending club rides. Please read the Club Handbook (see link on this site) prior to joining us on a ride.

What do I Need to Bring?
Riders must, as a minimum, carry a spare inner tube, pump / CO2, tyre levers and the appropriate clothing for potential turns in weather. Once the clocks go back in October, mudguards are also mandatory until the clocks go forward again in Spring. 

Do I Need to Be a Member Before Joining a Group Ride?

We encourage people to join us for 2-3 rides before making the decision to become a paid member of the club.

Do I Need to Have a Road Bike?

Members are welcome to use a road, hybrid, gravel or mountain bike as long as it is in suitable, road worthy condition. If you have not used your bike in a while, it may be worth checking essentials such as brakes are functional, gears are working, tyre tread is okay, or otherwise getting a professional service first. Triathlon / TT Bikes with aero bars are not suitable for group rides.

Do I need to Have Lights? 

Whilst it is not mandatory to ride with lights, we strongly recommend it, particularly with regards to a rear light.


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